This harangue was pronounced in the environs of Mount Aconcagua and in a place known as "Punta de Vacas."
At an altitude of three thousand meters, with the temperature less than ten degrees below zero centigrade, and with the roads covered with snow and ice, more than five hundred disciples and followers gathered.
There, at one hundred sixty kilometers from Mendoza, Argentina and Santiago, Chile. Silo had his hermitage which was separated from the curious by two great rivers.
At noon he descended towards the gathering and, placing himself in front of powerful loudspeakers he spoke.

Video "The Healing of Suffering", Silo, Punta de Vacas, Mendoza, Argentine, 04.05.1969

This is Silo's first public expression of his ideas. In poetic language, he explains that the most important knowledge for living ("true wisdom") is not the same as the knowldge found in books—knowledge of universal laws or things of that nature—but is a question of inner experience. The most important knowledge for living is related to comprehending suffering and how to surpass it.

" You must understand that such suffering is always rooted in the violence that exists in your own consciousness. You suffer because you fear losing what you have, or because of what you have already lost, or because of what you desperately long to reach. You suffer because of what you lack, or because you fear in general. . . . These, then, are the great enemies of humankind: fear of sickness, fear of poverty, fear of death, fear of loneliness. All these forms of suffering pertain to your mind; all of them reveal your inner violence, the violence that there is in your mind. Notice how that violence always stems from desire. The more violent a person is, the coarser are their desires."


Silo´s Message