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"The Healing of Suffering"


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The Healing of Suffering




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Earliest Antecedents

“We will begin by considering the antecedents of The Message, which can be found in two materials produced in 1969. The first is a writing known as The Inner Look, which was begun here in Punta de Vacas in 1969, and first published in 1972. The second is a speech, an address known as “The Discourse on the Healing of Suffering” given on May 4, 1969 in this same location. These materials continued to spread in different formats, and further developments were added and published in different books under various titles, until eventually they were compiled into several volumes of collected works.

Third Transmission from the Center of Studies Punta de Vacas, April 2008

Already at the beginning of the Siloist doctrine, in the first of his proclamations in 1964, ist expressed Silo´s mystique. This Mystique has been present throughout his life and even today it can be recognized through his work. This text is taken from "The Little Book", 1970.

"We say that man thinks in one way, feels in another way and acts in yet another. So, all the time he lives without harmony and operates with violence in the world of other men.
The chaos of humanity is the simple reflection of internal disharmony.
So, although he doesn’t want to; man acts differently to how he feels, he feels differently to how he thinks and he thinks differently to how he acts.
So, he is not responsible for his errors because he knows not what he does. He is profoundly asleep and his greatest illusion is to believe that he is awake.
We propagate the doctrine of awakening, of nonviolence and brotherhood among people.
We act for internal and external liberation of mankind.

We say:
Let’s never respond to violence with violence.
Let the races become brothers for ever, making a single humanity.
Let God and another life beyond death be sought in the sleeping depths of oneself: in those depths full of unknown forces and immense powers.
Let all action be peaceful: physical nonviolence; economic nonviolence; racial nonviolence and religious nonviolence.
Let our permanent tasks be: to awaken every day more harmonised in our thoughts, feelings and actions and at the same time awaken this in others through the teaching and practice of this, the most humble and simple of doctrines.
Let’s save mankind from vengeance, preparing the path for the new humanity that is already approaching."

The Healing of Suffering

This is Silo's first public expression of his ideas. In poetic language, he explains that the most important knowledge for living ("true wisdom") is not the same as the knowldge found in books—knowledge of universal laws or things of that nature—but is a question of inner experience. The most important knowledge for living is related to comprehending suffering and how to surpass it.

Silo´s Message

"The message will reach every corner of the world because it will touch those hearts who need meaning, love and hope."

Silo's Message consists of three parts:   
the Book has been known for a long time as The Inner Look, the Experience is stated as eight ceremonies  (Service, Laying on of Hands, Well Being, Marriage, Protection, Assistance, Death and Recognition) and the Path is a a group of reflections and suggestions.

These Commentaries do not cover all of the topics in Silo’s Message, but only those that seem necessary for a better understanding of this writing.

Silo´s Message in other languages

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Silo´s Message