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The Messiah in check

Tapa Jaque al MesíasThe contents of this book, written by Silo in '70 years, is more up-to-day than ever, as his whole  work. He considers in this case a mystical theme that characterized his message from the beginning.
Three stories, very separate in time, are linked by an inner leitmotif. Socrates, Jesus and Rama live in different times, in different cultural contexts and nevertheless the stories of the three repeat certain constants: the struggle to awaken from reverie, the political misunderstanding created around those who proclaim inner change, the unhealthy rejection by contemporaries of that which dignifies them and the systematic violence against the ideas of peace.
Van Doren , pseudonym from Silo at that time, making an analogy with the game of chess, insinuates that the archetypical game is reaching its end and he tries to transmit his certainty with a brief epilogue spoken from the mouth of a man from the American continent.

Book´s Epilogue

"When the threads of the puppet men were cut, of the stick men, all the gibberish became calm and a great silence fell.
Only a few remained suspended and alive, hanging from the big trees, from the tree-fathers of the forest.
The puma said: no.
The jaguar said: no.
The tambo cat said: no.
The fox said: no
All the animals separated, sniffing and stcking their tongues out, but they didn´t touch the stick men because something was protectin them and they don´t want to die.
Then, above the burning mountains and burnt cities and the bodies of the puppet men, of the burnt stick men, arrived the celestial boats, brillian as the sun, friendly like the sun."

The Tokarev Report

Author Salvatore Puledda

Book cover "The Tokarev Report"This socio-fiction book was first published in 1981, when Brezhnev was still driving the power within traditional methods. The author of this book describes how the Ministry of Defense formed a Committee of Iinterdisciplinary Studies with a group of dissident scholars, with the aim of determining the possibility of a psychosocial explosion, they calculated, would occur exactly in 1985.
The "Report Tokarev" told in its pages, full of paranormal phenomena, of mystical and of fantasy, how was the backstage from mental missile launch, that could narrowly destroy the threatening rocketry of the superpowers.


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