Silo's work covers the most diverse subjects:  personal, interpersonal, social and philosophical. This time we have considered the issues related to his Message, as he explained in one of his commentarie:

“To conclude these brief comments, I would like to add that the Message is the expression of a spirituality that is personal, but also social. And with the passage of time, the truth of this spirituality is being confirmed in experience, as it continues to manifest in different cultures, nationalities, and social and generational strata.
            A truth of this kind has no need for dogmas or fixed forms of organization for its functioning and development. For that reason, "Messengers" -- those who feel the Message and bring it to others -- emphasize the need not to accept any coercion concerning the freedom of ideas and beliefs, and to treat all human beings in the same way they would like to be treated.
            At the same time, because they value interpersonal and social relations so highly, Messengers work against all forms of discrimination, inequality, and injustice."

Commentaries of Silo , The Message - Center of Studies - Punta de Vacas - Argentine - June 2008


Silo´s Message